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Bạn có muốn định cư tại Australia theo diện Skilled Migrant??? | Chào mừng bạn đến với Hoàng Nghiệp Training & Consulting
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Bạn có muốn định cư tại Australia theo diện Skilled Migrant???

16 November 2009 No Comment
Bạn có muốn định cư tại Australia theo diện Skilled Migrant???

Hãy tham gia các khóa học 2 năm về Food Processing và Business Management của Menzies Institue of Technology (▒ Menzies Institute of Technology ▒)

Menzies Institute of Technology là Học Viện được đăng ký hoạt động với Chính Phủ Úc và là thành viên của Australian Council for Private Training and Education.

Chương trình học về Food Processing như sau:

FDF30503: Certificate III in Food Processing (Retail Baking-Cake and Pastry)
50 weeks

FDFCORHS3A Monitor the implementation of occupational health and safety policies and procedures Core
FDFCORQFS3A Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs Core
FDFCORWCM2A Present and apply workplace information Core
FDFCORBM2A Use basic mathematical concepts Core
FDFRBDPC3A Diagnose and respond to product and process faults (pastry, cake and cookies) S
FDFRBPP2B Produce pastry S
FDFRBPF2B Prepare fillings S
FDFRBFF2B Form and fill pastry products S
FDFRBBP2B Bake pastry products S
FDFRBPC2B Produce sponge, cake and cookies batter S
FDFRBBC2B Bake sponges, cakes and cookies S
FDFRBDC2B Decorate cakes and cookies S
FDFCRBSP3B Plan and schedule production S
FDFOPTPIP3A Participate in improvement processes S
FDFZPRW1A Participate effectively in a workplace environment S

Chương trình học về Business Management như  sau:

BSB40207 : Certificate IV in Business (25 weeks)

BSBOHS407A Monitor a safe workplace
BSBREL401A Establish networks
BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals
BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information
BSBADM405B Organize meeting
BSBFIA402A Coordinate business resources
BSBADM409A Report on financial activity
BSBSMB403A Market the small business
BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff
BSBMGT402A Implement operational plan

BSB1107 : Diploma of Management (29 weeks)

BSBPMG501A Manage projects
BSBRSK501A Manage risk
BSBMGT502B Manage people performance
BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan
BABFIM501A Manage budgets and financial plans
Students who study Automotive Courses
AURC561614A Contribute to business improvement
AURC456661A Recover claim losses
Students who study Bakery Courses
FDFPMMAC5A Manage supplier agreements and contracts
FDFIMMWB4A Manage a work area within budget
FDTECPT5A Manage and evaluate new product trials
Learning Pathway

Sau khi học 2 năm tại Australia, bạn cần kinh nghiệm làm việc hơn 1 năm tại Australia trong ngành làm bánh (Bakery) trước khi xúc tiến thủ tục xin định cư tại Australia theo diện Skill Migration. Bạn vui lòng xem thêm chi tiết tại đây:

Baker 4512-11 – Australian Skills Recognition Information

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