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Chương trình Certified Talent Management Specialist Program (CTMS) | Chào mừng bạn đến với Hoàng Nghiệp Training & Consulting
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Chương trình Certified Talent Management Specialist Program (CTMS)

17 February 2016 No Comment
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Asia Talent Management Institute

Certified Talent Management Specialist Program (CTMS) 
Date : 7th to 12th April, 2016
Venue: EDS Executive Learning Centre, Kuala Lumpur

The focus of this program is to provide an in-depth view, knowledge, and skills needed to effectively work with and manage talents within the organization. In today’s VUCA world, Talent is the only sustainable advantage for organizations and integrated talent management strategy and practices are central to the achievement of planned and much needed business results. The Certified Talent Management Specialist Program (CTMS) provides the foundational framework, practical application and tools to move the talent needle in the organization and to propel the talents to the fore for higher level of performance.

Modules for the program are:
• Aligning Talent Management to Strategy
• Cross Generation Talent Management
• Strategic Talent Recruitment, Selection and Employer Branding

Award of ATMI Certification 
Upon completion of the international residential Human Capital Specialist Program, participant’s can apply for the Certified Talent Management Specialist (CTMS) certification awarded by Asia Talent Management Institute upon fulfilling the following conditions:

– Completed all the required coursework and pass the Certification exam,
– With the payment of US$480 for the administrative and CHCS Certification Fee.

Benefits of CTMS Certification
The Certified Talent Management Specialist holder is qualified to use the designatory letters “CTMS” after their name.

Benefits of having a CTMS designation:

• With a CTMS designation signifies a mark of expertise and excellence in Talent Development and Human Capital Leadership,
• With a CTMS designation, you will have access to better positions and salaries in the marketplace,
• CTMS is viewed as an essential tool for maintaining high performance standards in the profession and in your workplace,
• CTMS represents an ongoing commitment to professional development in Talent Management and Human Capital Development – it means you have accepted the personal challenge of keeping abreast of new developments in the field,
• CTMS becomes a public recognition of professional achievement—both within and outside of the profession.

CTMS Assessment and Coursework 
Students are required to attend all the three tutorial seminars and to submit the following assessment and coursework in a timely manner as indicated below.

• Class Attendance and Participation – 20% marks
• Class Homework / Quiz (to give at end of 1st day or quiz on second day) – 20% marks
• Self-Reflection Log / Blog – 30% (Submitted to EDS Registrar, within 7 days after attending the 2-day tutorial seminar.)
• Online Exam – 30% (The online exam will be conduct within 30 days after the Residential Seminar.)

CTMS Program Fees
• Seminar Fee, USD1,200
• ATMI Certification Fee, USD480
• Residential Accommodation &  Meal, USD850

Residential Accommodation & Meal 
The fee for Residential Accommodation and Meal is USD850 which cover the following costs:
• 8 days and 7 night hotel accommodation in twin sharing at Sunway Hotel, Georgetown, Penang
• Breakfast and lunch provided during the tutorial seminar session
• Free flow of coffee and tea provided during the tutorial seminar session
• Lecture guides, training materials, and stationery – Certificate of Participation


About Asia Talent Management Institute 

The Asia Talent Management Institute (ATMI) is a reputable training provider for talent management and human capital development, and work-force learning solutions in Asia Pacific. ATMI is Division of EDS Business School, an international award winning executive learning institution.

ATMI vision is to support companies to attract, train and retain talent by providing state-of-the-art research in talent management and human capital development and continuing professional development for turning good people into top talent.

ATMI Professional Certification Programs is led by experienced leaders in field and designed to help human resource professionals to acquire the latest Talent Management, Human Capital Development and HR knowledge, methods, and skills needed to meet the challenges of today’s changing workplace and workforce. Whether you want to develop effective management skills, seek professional advancement, or gain professional recognition, ATMI programs will provide the hands-on skills to empower you in your career.

ATMI Panel of Trainers and Consultants 
All the ATMI facilitators, trainers and consultants are highly qualified professionals who majority of them posses a Doctoral Degree and have vast experience in their fields as industrial practitioners. They offer a blend of academic excellence, rigorous scholarship, real-world relevance, and practical application that provides our learners with unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons. They present topics by lecture, case studies and group discussion.

Professor Dr. Lee Karling, PhD 
Area of Expertise: Talent Management and Human Capital Development

Professor Dr. Premkumar Rajagopal, PhD 
Area of Expertise: Balance Scorecard, Corporate Leadership and Supply Chain.

Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan, DBA 
Area of Expertise: Human Capital Development and Corporate Leadership

Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah, DBA, PhD 
Area of Expertise: NLP, Human Physcology and Consumer Behavior

Dr. Harwindar Singh, PhD 
Area of Expertise: Corporate Leadership and Wealth Management

Associate Prof. Low Wei Hoong, MA 
Econ Area of Expertise: Corporate Strategic Planning

Ms. Ewan Lee, MBA 
Area of Expertise: Conflict Management, Negotiation and Organization Development

Ms. Fivean Ho Sok Ching, PhD in Strategic Management (Candidate) 
Area of Expertise: Corporate Strategic Planning and Operation Management

The minimum program requirement for a M.Sc. in HR and Talent Management Degree program is 40 credits. Students are required to attend all of the three HR Certification programs as outlined below:

Core Modules (Required: 27 credits) 

Certified Human Capital Specialist Program (CHCS) (9 credits)
THR 501: Competencies for Transformational Human Capital Leadership
THR 502: HR Scorecard for Effective Human Capital Management
THR 503: Human Capital Accounting

Certified Talent Management Specialist Program (CTMS) (9 credits)
THR 504: Aligning Talent Management to Strategy
THR 505: Cross Generation Talent Management
THR 506: Strategic Talent Recruitment, Selection and Employer Branding

Certified Human Performance Specialist Program (CHPS) (9 credits)
THR 507: Human Capital Development Design and Analyses, Assessment and Management
THR 508: Creating a World Class Organization
THR 509: Strategic Performance Management – KRA and KPI

Master Project (Required: 13 credits)

RES 500: Master Project Preparation (2 credits)
RES 885: Master Project Proposal (4 credits)
RES 890: Thesis Project (6 credits)
EXM 895: Oral Review of Project (1 credits)

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